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      What is prepress, and what is the difference between prepress and design?

      The explanation is in the word itself - it means preparation for printing. Certainly, the quality of the prepress department's work consists of the two main components: the highly skilled staff and using up-to-date technologies and equipment.


One should not start with prepress if one has no layout sheets, no design, and no idea. Once you still decided to proceed, be aware it would take a lot of time to achieve the desired result. Please, be aware. In the latter case, help yourself with our section "Technical Requirements".

      Let us assume you do have layout sheets - wow!

      We will start from scanning you originals into the size specified in the layout, then we continue with make-up (transforming you information into the computer format and color separation) followed by your acceptance of the layout. After your acceptance, we print the films, put the digitized data into the archive, and make color proof if necessarily. This means finishing the prepress work, and the films, test prints, adjustment and control files are given to the printing house.

      The Mac G3 workstation, equipped with the monitor BARCO and the scanner SCITEX, for scanning and color separation. Software: PHOTOSHOP 5.01, LINOCOLOR 5.1, COCO 3.0, ICC.

      The workstations for making-up: five MACs G3 and two PCs. The making-up software is QXPRESS 4.0.

      Film recording DOLEV 250, all types of SCITEX' rasterisation, automatic and manual trapping based on FAF. Films are recorded with screen line number up to 600 LPI.

      All this is connected into the 100 Mb/s network controlled by the server running Windows NT 4.0 and equipped with the 16Gb RAID disk array.


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