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      We have been on the Russian market for eight years. During this time we succeeded to create a Russian company up to the international standard. We combined up-to-date printing technology with understanding of Russian market's needs.

      Our company is proud of its reputation as a professional and honest partner keeping the client's demands above all. This is our main capital.

      A number of our partners, which are both Russian and Western companies of different profiles, grows up from year to year. We are grateful to our clients for their choice. All this acknowledges we are on the right way, and the quality we provide meets the highest requirements.

      During the first five years, the company worked on creating a strong basis including the intellectual potential of art designers, new technologies of prepress and printing, high skills of printing workers, and the first-class printing equipment from the company HEIDELBERG. Currently, it is a client's desire only that can limit our capabilities in artwork, prepress, printing, and finishing. Also, the company extended a spectrum of its services, in particular, for corporate clients.

      The company's commitment is to provide the clients with a full range of printing services of high quality. This is our understanding of our mission. We will be happy to see you among our clients.

•  Five reasons to become the client of DOMINO  ••


Not all of clients are aware of difficulties they would face when making some printing. Any good idea might come to nothing in case of bad implementation, but the printing process have so many stages...

Reason 1: The company has eight years of experience. Millions of samples have been printed during these eight years. The printed were single-color leaflets as well as luxurious full-color brochures and calendars, etc. The store of our creative experience includes multimedia presentations, software user interface design, and web-design.

Reason 2: All production is concentrated inside the same building allowing making strong quality control.

Reason 3: Consistency of the production line. What does it mean? The company DOMINO has its own design studio, prepress department, and printing house equipped up to the best international standards. When doing artwork, the art designer is aware about capabilities of the printing equipment. Films are printed especially for the particular printing machine, with quality control automatically carried out. Thus we reach robust resolution as much as 200 dpi and higher. Some Western clients of our company have already estimated it.

Reason 4: Excellent client services. Anyone who had once been our client could estimate this point at its true worth. If a client has some knowledge on printing, we will do our best to take into account all his/her recommendations. If a client needs a consultation, the company's experts will advise him/her how to implement the idea and, that is important, too, how to reduce production costs.

Reason 5, which is the main one: The company DOMINO strictly keeps to the contract's schedule, because any good work can become useless if made not in time.

      Becoming a client of DOMINO, you enlist the support of the team of professionals, save time, cut down the expenses, and get a product of the best quality.


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