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If you saw a red car going down the street, with the words Coca-Cola written on it, “Coca-Cola Forever!” would sound in your mind. If you saw three distinctive bands on your friend's T-shirt, you would not have to read the inscription. No doubt it is ADIDAS.

••   corporate style   •••

      Large Western companies producing many different goods have estimated all advantages of a common corporate style a long time ago. It allows people to recognize the producer of a thing easily and associate this thing with positive knowledge about the company-producer.

      The corporate style consists of the whole complex of solutions (graphical, color, wordy) providing the unity of all company's goods and advertising actions that results in better perception and recognition of goods by their buyers. The following elements might be regarded as those of the corporate style: wordy and graphical symbols, coloring, company specific font, layout of printed advertisement, etc. An initial impression about the company, and the company's future on the market, strictly depends on how professionally these elements are designed and if they harmonize with each other.

      Sometimes, the elements of a corporate style are developed by different agencies, when a new product is to come. Sometimes, these elements do not harmonize with each other. The solution here is to develop a corporate style at the same design-studio.

      The company DOMINO is experienced in the field of corporate style design. The results of the artwork are immediately passed to printing and other production. Business cards, leaflets, brochures, banners, pens, T-shirts carrying the same design solution will be easily recognizable creating the distinctive company style.

      Take a look at our work, and you will get a perfect idea about the client's style and business at a glance. Having seen the company's image once, you will certainly recognize it in the future.

      If you had remembered the company's image, we did perform our mission.

••   Gallery   •••

      1. The VII Moscow International Advertising Festival.

      2. Joint-Stock Company MANEGE SQUARE

      3. Joint-Stock Company MOSCOW CHAMPAGNE WINERY

      4. International Pharmaceutical Corporation ELI LILLY. Project PROZAK.

      5. International Pharmaceutical Corporation ELI LILLY. Project ZIPREXA


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