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••   photography   •••

      Sergey Kondrashin

      Born in Riga in 1967. Professional photographer since 1987. The winner of the VIII Moscow International Advertising Festival in 1998. “The Best Photographer in Advertising” award of Russian Association of Advertising Agencies in this year.

      Cameras: Mamiya 645 Pro, Sinar 9x12, Nicon 24x36. Lighting equipment: Hensel. Studio in the center of Moscow. In-studio and outdoor photography. Scope of interest in photography: advertising, stage, fashion, interior, still life. Perhaps, Sergey is the only photographer in Moscow who is a professional in underwater photo.

      Phone: +7 095 166 2444 (home), +7 095 8885.

      "Lighting Equipment": The first award of the International Advertising Festival in the nomination “Household and office appliances”.
      The picture has been taken using just one light source (fluorescent lighting). The negative was intentionally chosen as a source material due to a capability of color correction during printing without using a computer and color filters.
      "A Poster for the Printing House DOMINO": The visual effect of this still life is achieved by means of the additional non-standard light source working in the invisible for a human eye spectrum band. The still life's elements have been preliminarily coated with a fluorescent paint.
      Sergey likes to take pictures of animals, and they do reciprocate to his feelings. The photograph "Snail", (the first award of the International Advertising Festival in the category Transport and Auto Services). In this case, the snail stood for a tire. One nasty autumn day, the snail was found almost sleeping in the forest. On warming itself under the studio's lights, it was so grateful that it had started to creep over a razor's blade. It enjoyed it so much that some ten films had been made.
      Another case is "A lady with a dog" for advertising the panties. The problem was how to make the dog to draw off the panties. The French bulldog did its work with a pleasure. The trick was that the dog had liked sugar candies, which were attached to the panties. A pack of sugar candies and just two panties were spent while making this photograph.

••   Gallery of Sergey Kondrashin   •••

      1. Lighting Equipment
      2. LOTECO Bank (calendar)
      3. Brochure for the auction of antique arms
      4. Time to make gifts
      5. Hazy morning
      6. Vodka “Crystalnaya”
      7. Vodka “Crystalnaya” - 2
      8. Landscape 1
      9. Landscape 2
      10. Snail
      11. Lion, the panties' producer
      12. Smoker's club
      13. The port of rising sun
      14. Wish to drink
      15. A Poster for the Printing House DOMINO
      16. Mermaid


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