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      Sooner or later, each company faces the necessity of designing its own logo. Nowadays, a company cannot simply do without it, for the logo is like a face, or a business card, of a company. It is difficult to design that face without possessing art skills. The design and, in particular, company's style design currently have become very attractive for investments. A number of so-called “design-studios” have appeared concealing ignorance behind their pompous fronts. One can “fall ill” after contacts with such “studios”, and the treatment will take some time. That is why the best way is to commit the experienced professionals to do the job for you.

      The company DOMINO is involved in company style design since 1991, and currently we posses wide experience. More than 200 logos have been developed for a number of companies, both Russian and foreign. The company was rewarded with the gold medal at the Novosibirsk Fair “SibDesign-93” for success in logo design.

      The art designers of DOMINO keep track of worldwide tendencies in logo design and of up-to-date logo stylistics in different fields of activities. Each logo designed by DOMINO is inimitable and easily recognizable. Creating a logo, the designer pays attention to its further using, because the logo must have good appearance and must be easily readable on both business cards and wall-maintained banners.

      In China and in Japan, writing the hieroglyphs is considered as the art, and they do have the great artists of calligraphy. The logo design is quite similar to calligraphy, and maybe it is even more difficult, because here the art is closely mixed with the business. The company got this idea, and the logos designed by DOMINO win the competitions and work on image of dozens of large companies.

••   Logo Gallery   •••

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Company MERANI, Russian National Commercial Bank, Association of Specialists in Advertising, Musical Concern EL (Sochi), Foundation of Social Advertising ADVERTISING COUNCIL, International Committee GREAT EUROPE, Company SERVICE-K, International Jewish Culture Festival KHANUCA in SIBERIA, Moscow Federation of Balloonists, Public Council on Advertising

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Advertising agency LADOMIR, International Film Festival in Sochi, Russian Open Film Festival, Russian Association of Balloonists, TV channel KOSMOS-10 (TV-51), Charity Fund MOSCOW HOUSE of CHARITY, Medical Company COMED, Russian Party COMMON ACTION, Russian logo for PEPSI-COLA, company SERVICE-K

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Company LINE, TV company CBM, Company MUSIC-LAND, Social Project WE-ARE-ALL-PEOPLE, Company GV, Medical Company INFOMEDSERVICE (chain of drugstores in Moscow), ADMIRAL-BANK, Company CORONA, Bank VITTA, Company PENTARA (UK)

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Holding PYRAMID (UK), Travel Agency PYRAMID, Cosmetic Company SANTA, Company NOVA, Company SCAN-DO (Omsk), Social Security Foundation PARTICIPATION (Magazine CHARITY BULLETIN), Liberal Women's Foundation, Company EUROCOMM (UK), Charity Association HOSPIS, Company CONSERVATORY

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Company ACD, Lottery "Gold Key", "TV-library", "Deuche style", Company "Project", Bank "Sudostroitelny"


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